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Native American LINK (Living in Neighborly Kindness) thumbnail

Today's message was from Augusta (Gus) Smith, Executive Director of Native American LINK.  She visited Walnut Hills accompanied by members of the executive board of LINK. Native American LINK (Living In Neighborly Kindness) was begun in January, 1998 by the WMU Foundation. It continues to provide active ministry opportunities for Native American women as related [...]

Covenant agreement between WHBC and Interim Pastor Dr. Bruce Power thumbnail

In advance of Sunday's called business meeting the deacons are providing the following covenant agreement that will govern the interim pastor position. As a reminder, as part of Sunday morning's worship service, WHBC will have a called business meeting on two items of business. Motion from the deacons to elect the pastor search committee (Mark [...]

Nehemiah : Preparing Through Prayer : Neh 2:1-9 thumbnail

Today's sermon is from prospective interim pastor Dr. Bruce Powers.  His message is titled Nehemiah : Preparing Through Prayer and is based on Neh 2:1-9 Note: The audio level of the recording is a little lower than the AV team would like.  We will work to improve this in weeks to come.

The Transition Leadership Team has issued their report based on insights gleaned from the Listening Sessions.

Staying Grounded : Mark 6:30-34, 53-56

Today's sermon is from Rev. Fred Rothermel. Fred is a retired Navy chaplain and has served as an interim pastor of several churches.  Fred and his wife Dana are also former members of Walnut Hills.  Fred message is titled Staying Grounded  and is based on Mark 6:30-34, 53-56

Dr. Bruce Powers – Prospective part-time Interim Pastor to preach August 16, 2015 thumbnail

Dr. Bruce Powers - Prospective part-time Interim Pastor, will be preaching Sunday, August 16, 2015.  Please make every effort to be in attendance for this very special worship service. Following a selection process, the deacons have agreed to call Dr. Bruce Powers to serve as our part-time interim pastor.  Dr. Powers has a Master of [...]

Being With Jesus : Acts 2:42-47

Being With Jesus : Acts 2:42-47 thumbnail

Today's sermon from Dr. Jerry Haywood, pastor emeritus of WHBC is titled Being With Jesus and is based on Acts 2:42-47

Noticing God : Matt 28:16-10

Noticing God :  Matt 28:16-10 thumbnail

Today's message is from Dr. Jerry Haywood, pastor emeritus of Walnut Hills Baptist Church.  His message is titled Noticing God and is based on Matt 28:16-10  

Rev. Jeffrey Buffkin

Today's sermon is from Rev. Jeffrey Buffkin, Baptist Campus Minister at William and Mary.  His message is titled Speak, Lord, for your servant is listening and is based on 1 Sam 3:1-11

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Dr. Travis Collins is guiding the Transition Leadership Team (TLT) as we prepare, plan, promote, and pray for this journey. Two of the common mistakes that churches in transition make are: Lack of spiritual preparation for the search for their next pastor; and Not taking the time to understand the mission of the church and [...]

Education : July/August 2015

Education : July/August 2015 thumbnail

This is an exciting time of transition in the life of our church. The challenges that come with such times call for the best fr om each of us. It provides an opportunity for all to exercise that basic Baptist doctrine of the ministry of the laity. Every Christian is cal led to minister. As [...]

Food Drive

The Agape Adult Bible Study class is sponsoring a church wide collection of canned food for Salvation Army and FISH. Even in an improving economy the need for food continues to be great in the Williamsburg area. You are encouraged to anticipate in this effort by bringing a can (cans) of food to church on [...]

Music : July/August 2015

Music : July/August 2015 thumbnail

Father’s Day was Sunday, June 21st . The Baptist Men and Men’s Ensemble provided excellent music. We thank the Gideons for being a part of this important service. Special thanks to Pete Fowler and Andy Yeatts, who collaborated in the planning of this worship service. We thank all those who participated in this years’ service. [...]

CPR/First Aid/ AED training

The WHBC Learning Center is hosting an American Red Cross Child and Adult CPR/First Aid/ AED training on September 3rd from 9:00 - 4:00 in the Hospitality Center. There are a few spots available for anyone who would like to join us for this important training. The cost is $110.00 per person. Please email or [...]

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