Even Tropical Storm Michael couldn’t keep our Youth and Children from having a full and awesome October. We hope everyone fared well during that storm. While many lost power and incurred some property damage, our Youth were still able to have a fabulous weekend at Eagle Eyrie.

Our TeamKID group has grown this year to 46 children! October was packed for us, as we not only learned about missionaries in Kazakhstan and the Czech Republic, but we also went on our annual trip to Pumpkinville, taking more than 60 children and family members, and had a special Halloween TeamKID. We have such a large and amazing group of kids on our Wednesday evenings together!

We can do, learn, and go anywhere with this group, and have some wonderful parents as well.

Looking Forward:
Wednesday, December 12 – TK Christmas Party and Children’s Christmas Concert

Sunday School and Family Ministry

We are so enthusiastic about the expansion of our Sunday School and Family Ministry! We’ve added a Sunday School class for the parents of new children who have joined our classes. We all focus on the same Bible story each week, so the families can take what they’ve learned home and unpack the story together even further. Our hope is to have a family Sunday School class once a month, where the parents and children meet together to share the lesson and hopefully see how they can extend what they’ve learned at home. We believe our faith, and especially our children’s, can and will grow stronger when it is practiced at home and at Church!

Rev. Graham Cheek

Rev. Graham Cheek

Minister of Youth and Children