As we enter this season of anticipation and celebration of Christ’s birth, the TeamKIDs will learn about how we His plan for us through behavior choices they
make. The choice to be kind and help others is so easy to practice this season. The innate feelings of goodness and kindness that come from doing for others are awesome and powerful.

They will also make cards for our homegrown college student care packages. The students will especially enjoy receiving these cards as they were also once in TeamKID.

December 6 – Parent’s Night Out &  Children’s Christmas Pajama Party
December 8 – Children’s Choir Christmas Musical – 10:30am
December 18 – TeamKID Christmas party
January 8 – TeamKID resumes! Yay!

Our wish for you this Christmas season is that you experience it as children do, with a sense of awe, wonder, and excitement, but find moments of peace with your family as well.

Have a blessed Christmas.

Rev. Graham Cheek

Rev. Graham Cheek

Minister of Youth and Children