September is Deacon Nomination Month

During the month of September we will be sending out and handing out ballot forms for our 2019 slate of Deacons. This year we need to nominate and elect seven deacons to replace those who are rotating off the Deacon Body in December.

The deacon ministry is probably first noted within the book of Acts, specifically Acts 6: 2-9. In this part of our Christian narrative, seven original deacons were chosen to handle the responsibilities to which the twelve apostles did not feel called. These first deacon appointments came as a response to the needs of widows in their midst. Today, deacon ministry is performed in ways which depend on the needs and traditions of each congregation. Being a Baptist congregation, Walnut Hills has a deacon ministry model that is formed from the God-driven vision of the members. The Constitution and Bylaws of Walnut Hills Baptist Church cite the Acts passage listed previously, as well as 1 Timothy 3, for the biblical qualifications for deacon service through our church. Check them out, and if you have questions about what they mean in our context please ask one of us. This is a Baptist church after all, so discussions regarding biblical interpretation are part of the environment! The other qualifications listed speak to the level of commitment one should have when serving, and it states that deacons must have been a church member for at least one year. But what’s it all about at our church? The constitution and bylaws further state that:

“Deacons are to serve with the Senior Pastor and supporting ministerial staff in leading the church:
• In the achievement of its mission
• Proclaiming the gospel to all people
• Caring for church members and other persons in the community.“

Note that there is no qualification that one be spiritually perfect, with no mistakes in their past, or that one must be a gifted administrator with managerial experience. All gifts and talents are needed, but this is not an administrative board in our church; it is a ministry of our church.

Stay tuned as we explore deacon responsibilities, as well as opportunities for training and personal blessings that come with serving as a deacon at Walnut Hills.

With Joy and Anticipation,
Your Ministerial Staff and Deacon Nominating Sub-Committee