September 10, 2020
Dear Church Member,

The Staff and Deacon Body of Walnut Hills Baptist Church are preparing for the annual process of selecting new deacons to fill the vacancies of those who have completed their term of service. This year we will need to elect seven (7) members to serve a three-year term and two (2) members to serve one-year unexpired terms. Our deacons are elected to serve with the Senior Pastor and supporting ministerial staff in performing pastoral duties including but not limited to worship services and visitation. With regard to deacon qualifications, we are guided by the scriptures, specifically Acts 6, and 1 Timothy 3, and our Church Constitution.

This is a very important task for you, the church membership, to insure the wellbeing of our church and ministries, and I ask you to pray diligently for the guidance of the Holy Spirit as each of you choose seven individuals who have a heart for service, love for our church families, and are willing laborers for Christ.

Ballot forms are enclosed. Please remember that new members of less than one year (listed below), those living away or otherwise not attending, and deacons currently serving should not be nominated. Please list on your ballot the names of nine (9) eligible people that you want serving as deacons for our church. You may mail your nominations to the church, deliver them by hand, or –if those methods don’t work for you—call me at 757-565-1770. The Deacon Election Committee (Jim Hunter, Dave Bolt, and me) are the only ones viewing your nominations if confidentiality is important to you.

We ask that each member of the congregation give this task your prompt attention and submit your completed ballots by the most convenient method prior to Sunday, September 20th .

In His Service,
Mitch Thomas
Deacon Chair

Members less than a year, from the October 2019 to October 2020 business meetings:
Jonathan & Jennifer Butler
Joseph & Karen Wilck
Tom & Bobbe Gray Jebson
Jim & Sandi Byrn
Craig & Brooke Karaki
Peggy Tienken

Current Deacons: Amy Colley, Mitch Thomas, Carol Mitchell, Terry Tyler Jr., Susan Releford, Van Mozingo, Dan Gaske, Carrie Hicks, Bill Johnson, Dan & Robin Joss (both resigned), Joe Musselman, Susan Spratt, Helen Darnell, David Gehr, Al Jenner, Kelly Musselman, Ken Sharp, Lisa Tyler, Linda Ward.