Girls in Action/Acteens

Royal Ambassadors (RAs)

On December 15th, the boys will join with Jane’s GAs for their annual Christmas Party. Their parents are also invited to the home of Leslie Baker, immediately after church. During the party, the RAs and Gas will make ornaments that they will take to the residents at an area nursing home.

In January, the boys will continue to work on the fidget boards. When completed, they will take the boards to a local Alzheimer’s Facility. These boards are therapeutic, as the patients will use them to occupy their hands. The RAs will also be learning about compassion for others. Throughout the month, they will hear about Jerry andChristi Haag and their ministry of One More Child (the international ministries of Florida Baptist Children’s Homes) and how they help meet children’s physical needs and share God’s love with them.

Acteens will have their annual lunch/Christmas party at Pat Wright’s after worship, Sunday December 15th. We will purchase a gift for our “adopted refugee” and deliver it before Christmas.  Thank you for your generous donations at the November 17th bake sale. The girls donated a Thanksgiving food basket to our Nov. 24th guest speaker, Ambar Leon, and will send an offering to Will Cumbia, “adopted Missionary” for Virginia Partnerships serving in Austria.

January 26, 2020 – Acteens will resume their regular schedule for lunch, program and mission activity. Happy New Year!

If you’ve never discovered the joy of missions, join a WMU group (Women on Mission, Acteens, GAs or RAs) and be blessed as you become a blessing to someone in need.

Girls In Action (GAs)

On December 15, the girls will join the RAs for the annual Christmas Party at Leslie Baker’s House and will make Christmas Ornaments to share with those at a local nursing home.

The girls will continue to correspond with Brittany Mumma, a missionary in Panama, to encourage her and the calling God placed on her heart.

The GAs, along with the RAs, are also looking at the international ministry of One more Child (part of the international ministries of Florida Baptist Children’s Homes) founded by Jerry Haag and his wife, Christi. We will also write to encourage them, as well as other Missionaries we study on a monthly basis. One more Child helps children be placed in foster care homes, and when possible, keep the family together. They also help support the foster children’s needs. In addition to their work with children, they help feed the hungry worldwide.  We will look for several opportunities throughout the year to reach out to those in our community.