Missions and Evangelism

International J-1 Visa students are experiencing a bit of American life here in Williamsburg. Our summer partnership with the Pineapple Inn began with our June picnic. Many participated and enjoyed the tasty food, that many of you provided, and the fellowship. Our next picnic is in August.

Being a Summer Family is another way to be involved with this J-1 ministry. Summer families intentionally build relationships with the international students. If your family feels called to spend time with international students, please contact Terri Bolt (boltwoman2014@gmail.com) or the church office (dland@whbclonline.org).
Amy Lee or Angie Tyler are working at the Front Desk of the Pineapple Inn. Angie is an Associate at the Pineapple Inn.

Be on the lookout for more details and perfect potluck signup sheets in the coming weeks. The next picnic will be 7pm, Wednesday, August 21st at the poolside of the Pineapple Inn.

Pizza & Ice Cream Social Gathering
You are Invited to participate.
Wednesday, August 21, 7 pm at the Pineapple Inn

To make this a success, willing hands and hearts are needed! Pineapple Inn will provide the pizza, drinks, bowls, plates and spoons.
We are asking WHBC members to bring the following:
• Homemade ice cream preferred or store bought.
• Cooler in which to the keep ice cream in and from which to serve from. Please take top off of cooler.
• Scoops with name on the handle
• Toppings: Chocolate syrup, cherries, whipped topping spray

And many folks are needed to serve and to mingle with these visiting students to show Christian hospitality to these visitors in our “Jerusalem”.
Please contact Terri Bolt at 757-870-3550 or signup at www.perfectpotluck.com; coordinator: bolt; password: whbc; event: 2019 J-1 Visa Student Ice cream Social.

Seeking Volunteers
The International Student Outreach Program need volunteers to help with the Welcome Fair. Wednesday, June 26th — 11:00 – 2:00 at the Pineapple Inn

This event is for ALL international students working in the Williamsburg area.

Games – Food – Fun

You would be assisting at variety of ways. If interested call or email- Susan Gaske, sgaske@yahoo.com • C 703-283-4556 or Jeffrey Buffkin, jeffrey.buffkin@bgav.org • C 757-849- 3220

This year’s Woman Mission Union of Virginia (WMUV) ministry week to the Standing Rock Indian Reservation is July 21-26. Representing our church in this effort are Glenda Wade, Susan Gaske and Dan Gaske. They will be joined by two College of William & Mary Baptist Collegiate Ministry students, Heather Byrum and Dalia Cruz.
You too have opportunities to support this ministry effort.

1. Through prayer for this ministry trip, for those volunteering and for those who will be ministered to.
2. Through provision of needed items:
• child/youth size athletic shoes
• child/youth socks (preferably not white)
• child/youth underwear (also preferably not white)
Please place these items in the Box Ministry box located at the head of the stairwell.
3. Through monetary contributions –
• designate offerings to “Standing Rock”
• giving Walmart gift cards (leaving in Church Office or give to Susan, Glenda, or Dan. These cards are used to offset food costs and to purchase needed extra supplies.

Thank you in advance for whatever way you choose to support this ministry effort.

Just what is the Missions & Evangelism Council?

“The M&E Council was established January, 2008 to lead in identifying mission and evangelistic outreach needs in our community, state and world. It encouraged the entire church body to be involved in identified needs and assist in the education of church members about WHBC mission and evangelism opportunities, mission giving opportunities and special offerings. The M&E Council will also:

  1. Provide avenues and process for external mission and evangelism support requests
  2. Receive, review and approve church wide projects from the congregation which involve financial and human resource allocations
  3. Submit proposed budgeting and implementation plans to the Church Council for approval if the projects involve donations/fundraising and/or expenditure of monies which are not part of the M&E Council Budget line item
  4. Plan ways of celebrating the accomplishments and history of missions at WHBC

The M&E Council helps maintain the outward focus of WHBC, which is serving:

  • the strangers in our midst
  • the least of these, and
  • children and families in our community

BUT, we are only the “administrative piece” so to speak. It is each of you that carries out this focus every day. And we want to thank you for all you do to serve those God has put around you!
— Melanie