Missions and Evangelism


Preparation is under way for WHBC to host the COFM Winter Emergency Shelter 2020 for those who are homeless. We will host the shelter from Sunday, Feb. 16 to Sunday, Feb. 23. Guests are housed downstairs and will be given a hot evening meal, a warm place to sleep, a modest breakfast, and snacks for the day. Volunteers are signing up to operate the shelter.

The various tasks, and scheduled times are as follows:

  • Shift 1A- Guest Check-in: The Guest Check-in shift begins at 5:30 PM and runs until the over night crew comes in at 9 PM. Volunteers help with registration of the guests and store their belongings In a secure storage room.
  • Shift 1B-Evening Meal Servers: Meal Servers help serve the evening meal, usually prepared by someone else, and clean-up after the meal.
  • Shift 2 – Overnight Shift: The Overnight crew serves from 9 PM to 5:30 AM the next morning. The Overnight crew requires two men and two women. At least two people are to stay away at all times.
  • Shift 3A – Breakfast Servers: Breakfast Servers serve from 5 AM to 7:30 AM and heat up hot items and put out cold cereal, fruit, and juices. Lunch snacks are placed on a table with paper bags so the guests can take what they want.
  • Shift 3B – Check-Out and Cleanup: The Check-Out and Cleanup crew serve from 5 AM to 7:30 AM and retrieve guest’s belongings from storage, sign them out in the shelter records, and perform cleanup as may be needed.

In addition to on-site service, members can help by donating food for breakfasts, such as frozen sausage biscuits, fresh fruit, orange juice or milk, and snacks for lunches.

A training session will be conducted on Thursday evening, February 6 in the Hospitality Center at 6:30 PM to discuss shelter operation and specific assignments. Sheets to sign up for specific jobs are available each Sunday at the Coffee Connection and at the Wednesday dinners. If you would like to volunteer please let Bill Johnson know on Sundays or Wednesdays, or through e-mail at: wdjpe@aol.com.

Many thanks to all the volunteers who make this ministry possible.
Bill Johnson For the M&E Council

Just what is the Missions & Evangelism Council?

“The M&E Council was established January, 2008 to lead in identifying mission and evangelistic outreach needs in our community, state and world. It encouraged the entire church body to be involved in identified needs and assist in the education of church members about WHBC mission and evangelism opportunities, mission giving opportunities and special offerings. The M&E Council will also:

  1. Provide avenues and process for external mission and evangelism support requests
  2. Receive, review and approve church wide projects from the congregation which involve financial and human resource allocations
  3. Submit proposed budgeting and implementation plans to the Church Council for approval if the projects involve donations/fundraising and/or expenditure of monies which are not part of the M&E Council Budget line item
  4. Plan ways of celebrating the accomplishments and history of missions at WHBC

The M&E Council helps maintain the outward focus of WHBC, which is serving:

  • the strangers in our midst
  • the least of these, and
  • children and families in our community

BUT, we are only the “administrative piece” so to speak. It is each of you that carries out this focus every day. And we want to thank you for all you do to serve those God has put around you!
— K. J. Proctor-Corbett.