Missions and Evangelism

From His Hands Meals
Every Friday afternoon, a number of churches, and some individuals, in the Williamsburg area provide meals for those who are homeless, or precariously housed in local motels. The organized effort is called “From His Hands”. The meals are served to some who are homeless and living temporarily in motels paid for by local organizations, and to some families who have jobs, but don’t have enough income to provide for all of their family needs. Walnut Hills provides 50 meals for the Pineapple Inn every fifth Friday, which occurs four or five times a year. A faithful group of Walnut Hills ladies, and some men, spend the afternoon cooking full hot meals that are placed in insulated clam shells and delivered by 5:00 PM. There is always a line of men, women and children waiting for what might be their only full hot meal of the week. In addition to the hot meals, there is a group of ladies at Walnut Hills that call themselves Mission Vision, facilitated by Paige Garrett, who collect non-perishable foods that are stored in a food pantry at the Pineapple Inn, to be used by residents during the week to supplement the food they may have. Because the fifth Fridays are right at the end of the month, food stamp supplements are usually depleted and may not be available again until the next week. The pantry stocking is particularly important to provide foods to help families make it those next few days. The Friday meal distribution and management of the pantry is done by Amy Lee, the manager of the Pineapple Inn. Residents are always very gracious in showing their appreciation for the meals and the pantry items. The next fifth Friday is November 30, which again is the last day of the month. The faithful dedication of all those volunteers who help make this possible is very much appreciated.
Bill Johnson, For M&E Council

The Community of Faith Mission (COFM) Winter Emergency Shelter for those who are homeless begins the 2018-2019 season on Sunday, November 11, 2018 at James River Baptist church. The shelter will operate for 18 weeks at different churches around the Greater Williamsburg area. The shelters operate be-tween 6:30 PM and 7:00 AM the next morning. Guests will be given a hot dinner, warm place to sleep, breakfast in the morning, and a modest lunch to take with them during the day. Wal-nut Hills will host the week of January 20-27, 2019.

Key Leader training will be held on Tuesday, October 9, 2018 from 6:00-8:00 PM at the New Town United Methodist Church on Monticello Avenue. All of our volunteers do not have to attend this session, but if you have helped out in the past in key-positions such as check-in and security, it would be good if you would consider attending. The world has changed in the last seven years, and the COFM Board is working hard to make sure we are all prepared to provide a safe and meaningful experience for both guests and volunteers. We look forward to another special time together.

For more information check out the COFM Newsletter at www.cofm.info. Scroll down to the Newsletter listings for Summer 2018.
Bill Johnson
For M&E Council


A HUGE thank you goes out to all of those who volunteered to serve, bring food, set up, clean up and spend time with J-1 students. We had about 20 plus volunteers serve each time we hosted a picnic. The students enjoyed spending time with families over the summer. Your presence and friendliness mean more to the students than you may ever know. Maybe even one of them came to know the Lord because of your interactions with them?

Amy Lee, The Director of the Pineapple Inn appreciates all that the churches in the area do to support the students. Your availability has given the students a chance to get to know Americans outside of their work context.

Look forward to next June and August when we will host a cookout and an ice cream social.

Thank you!
Terri Bolt and Mission & Evangelism Team

Just what is the Missions & Evangelism Council?

“The M&E Council was established January, 2008 to lead in identifying mission and evangelistic outreach needs in our community, state and world. It encouraged the entire church body to be involved in identified needs and assist in the education of church members about WHBC mission and evangelism opportunities, mission giving opportunities and special offerings. The M&E Council will also:

  1. Provide avenues and process for external mission and evangelism support requests
  2. Receive, review and approve church wide projects from the congregation which involve financial and human resource allocations
  3. Submit proposed budgeting and implementation plans to the Church Council for approval if the projects involve donations/fundraising and/or expenditure of monies which are not part of the M&E Council Budget line item
  4. Plan ways of celebrating the accomplishments and history of missions at WHBC

The M&E Council helps maintain the outward focus of WHBC, which is serving:

  • the strangers in our midst
  • the least of these, and
  • children and families in our community

BUT, we are only the “administrative piece” so to speak. It is each of you that carries out this focus every day. And we want to thank you for all you do to serve those God has put around you!
— Melanie