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Dawnings Continues – What’s Next?

Each new day begins with a dawn. As the old hymn states, “…morning by morning new mercies I see… great is thy faithfulness…” Whether moving through life as an individual or as a church, we learn to see the dawn as a new beginning. Like the dawn of each day, so our life with God provides new dawns over and over again. We can live a lifetime of fresh new days.

Dawnings: A Process Not a Program
This process does not offer quick and easy steps to a determined end. Dawnings helps a church clarify vision, deepen formation, and focus engagement. Discernment, rather than decision-making, undergirds every element of the Dawnings process

Dawnings: A Shift to Missional Engagement

  • Embrace a more missional lifestyle
  • Deepen cultural awareness and acceptance
  • Cultivate a beloved community of hospitality
  • Bear witness to Jesus Christ
  • Serve to help, not hurt
  • Seek transformational development
  • Broaden vision of God’s vision
  • Expand use of prayer
  • Share resources generously

Engagement not only focuses on God’s desires for the world, but also serves to shape the individual and the church.

Dawnings: What’s Next?
Now that we’ve experienced the Retreat, what’s next for our church? The Congregational Design Process requires a team of 10 – 12 (plus three ministerial staff) who will gather for eleven 1 ½ hour sessions. Not scheduled on consecutive weeks, these sessions will take place at a pace that best serves and informs the church.

  • Beginning with Retreat participants, the team will consist of volunteers from the church
  • Dawnings Congregational Design Curriculum will be utilized to help guide the sessions
  • An assigned Dawnings Coach will help guide each session
  • The church will be informed, and at points engaged, during Congregational Design
  • Any initiatives that come as a result will be channeled through normal decision-making channels
  • Congregational Design will begin on a date to be determined around the beginning of March

Stay tuned…
Yours in service,


With Appreciation for Our Church Family
Susan, James, Shannon, and I are so grateful for your care, warm wishes, and generous Christmas Love Offering. We feel blessed to call Walnut Hills home!
Yours in service, Jim

Dr. Jim Hunter, II

Dr. Jim Hunter, II

Senior Pastor


If we choose, stillness can be an indulgence worth experiencing.
. . . The question remains with us; are we able to be quiet? Are we able to be still?