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Driving up to the host church, I could tell right away there was a new excitement in the air. More than the visible signs of a colorful service trailer being unloaded of its tools and materials, even more than the church vans lining the parking lot which recently carried youth and adults from different congregations. I’d been hearing about this event for years, and was there at the invitation of two friends: one served as the coordinator of the host organization, the other served as the pastor of the host church. A banner proclaimed the reason for all this positive energy, it was Mission Madness – and I entered in…

A partnership between local congregations and the Cooperative Baptist Fellowship Virginia, Mission Madness is a hands-on mission experience that engages youth and adults with local communities. For the past ten years, communities across the Commonwealth have felt Jesus’ love through the collaborative service of churches working together. Two churches, each in a different community, are approached to host Mission Madness each spring. This year will be the first time a Williamsburg church has participated! Not only does the host church gain a blessing from serving those who are serving her community but, after the MM weekend is complete, the host church gains the blessing of new connections for community engagement.

… Experiencing a day of Mission Madness with those committed youth and adult leaders was eye-opening. Once inside the host church, the air of excitement grew more palpable. Proud and dedicated hosts were abuzz, making sure rooms were prepared, food was organized, and their many guests felt welcomed. Adult leaders were laughing together as plans formed and re-formed; and students from cities, counties, and all places in between were getting to know each other, as well as their shared field of ministry for the weekend. Work all day, worship and fun in the evening, it was an experience! On my drive home that night, I remember thinking that I hoped to one day serve a church with the mission and ability to host an experience like that. Once I’d met all of you, I knew I was finally in that church. It turns out Graham was thinking along these lines too and, as mentioned in the paragraph above, CBF Virginia was seeking a partner church our area.

Mission Madness weekend for WHBC and those who join us is scheduled for March 22 – 24. See Graham’s article for more information about how you can be a part of this great opportunity to serve!

With Enthusiasm,

Dr. Jim Hunter, II

Dr. Jim Hunter, II

Senior Pastor


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