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It is Never too Late to be Loved

For many, Easter is a symbol of reconciliation. A time when we may see all the playing fields of human existence leveled, if even for a day, because of ultimate love. The most meaningful day on the Christian calendar, Easter, serves as a reminder that we are to re-establish broken communication and remove any barrier which separates us from others. The need for this kind of healing can come as the result of many things: faith, family, church, community, vocation, politics, even war.

There is a story from the annals of the Civil War which speaks to the need for humans to reconcile with one another.Just after the war had been won, there was a celebration organized by Union soldiers at the White House. As a part of the festivities, a band was scheduled to play. Just before the party was to begin, the band director informed President Lincoln that the band had planned to begin with ‘Battle Hymn of the Republic.’ The band director then explained the selection saying that the song had inspired the Union troops throughout the long war, and he thought it appropriate to celebrate their victory. “No sir,” President Lincoln replied, “I think it’s time we played Dixie.”

No matter what victory we feel we have won, be it individual or collective, we should not forget that in the final analysis God’s love is the ultimate victory for us all, and we are called to live accordingly. Maybe as we move toward, and then past this year’s Easter celebration, our personal reflection can still guide us toward the reconciliation still needed in our own lives. When we choose to engage in repairing broken communication, or tearing down the barriers which separate, we choose to live in the spirit upon which the true gift of Easter was established; it is never too late to be loved.

May God bless you and keep you.


Dr. Jim Hunter, II

Dr. Jim Hunter, II

Senior Pastor


If we choose, stillness can be an indulgence worth experiencing.
. . . The question remains with us; are we able to be quiet? Are we able to be still?