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The Shark Model

I know the annual guilty pleasure of viewing Shark Week on the Discovery Channel is not for everyone. However, there are a few things about these ancient adaptors which may educate our life in faith. Building on the perspective we discover in Psalm 25 regarding our need to remain teachable, I thought it appropriate to share the Shark Model as it can be applied to faith.

Five Characteristics of Sharks:
1. Made of Cartilage, not Bone—sharks have a flexible structure.
2. Move at a Steady Pace—sharks are capable of short bursts of speed but maintain their energy by gliding.
3. See with Excellent Vision—a shark’s ability to see light in the darkness is 10 times better than human sight.
4. Use their Noggins—sharks can be trained and are capable of picking up new ideas quickly.
5. Keep on the Go—in order to sustain life, a shark must keep moving.

By applying some creativity, we can take a page from the shark’s book. They know something about survival in an ever-changing environment. When we consider that the modern species of shark can be traced back about 100 million years, the aforementioned characteristics could be viewed as essential for survival.

We sometimes struggle to maintain a level of relevance in an ever-changing environment. One thing we can learn from studying the shark, and other survivors, is that the characteristics of flexibility, steady pace, vision, adaptation, and constant motion keep one relevant.

Just some food for thought as we quickly approach a fall and holiday season full of new opportunities to serve and remain relevant to God’s continuing call.

Peace to you,


Dr. Jim Hunter, II

Dr. Jim Hunter, II

Senior Pastor


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