Stewardship and Finance

NEW INITIATIVES ACCOUNT. Included in the 2020 Ministry Budget is a New Initiatives account. The purpose of the account is to provide funds for new ministry initiatives. For 2020, the account has been allocated $15,000. Procedures for using funds in this account are still being finalized by the Church Council, but it is already possible for church organizations and committees to begin requesting funds from the account for new ministry initiatives. If your organization or committee would be interested in obtaining funds from the account for a new ministry initiative, pick up a New Initiatives Account Request Form from the Church Office or the Stewardship and Finance section of the Ministry Wall. We hope to see a number of requests. If you have questions about the account, contact a member of the Church Council or Stewardship and Finance Committee.

BGAV AND PBA SUPPORT. Per our budget, 6% of our offerings are forwarded to the Baptist General Association of Virginia (BGAV) and 2% are forwarded to the Peninsula Baptist Association (PBA). As a result of recent annual meetings of both organizations, it seemed a good time to report on ways they use the contributions from Walnut Hills and other churches on the peninsula and in Virginia.

Our PBA contribution supports:

  • Church Planting, in particular, working with Buckroe Baptist Church to establish a new church in the Buckroe section of Newport News.
  • Working with “Legacy” churches as they make difficult decisions about closing their doors but using their buildings and other assets to further Kingdom work in other ways.
  • Assisting churches in the search for new pastors; Virginia-wide, over 200 BGAV churches are without permanent senior pastors at any point in time.
  • Conducting summer sports camps; this past summer these camps were conducted at seven churches, and involved youth from PBA churches and college students from Latvia and Spain.
  • Partnering with the Peninsula Agency on Aging to host work-shops to inform church leaders on signs of elder abuse and the resources to deal with this problem.
  • Engagement with Hampton Roads cities’ public safety officials and city leaders on ways to meet the needs of the cities and their youth.
  • Co-facilitating a monthly Pastor’s Dialogue on Racism, Poverty, and Violence for Newport News, Hampton, and Williamsburg.
  • Leading and training churches in how to use the Jobs for Life Network in moving people from joblessness to productive participation in the workforce.
  • Helping run a children’s camp in Riga, Latvia, through a Riga church that has a continuing partner/sister relationship with Parkview Baptist Church, Newport News.
  • Through PBA WMU, sponsoring annual World Day of Prayer, providing weekly meals to BCMs at William and Mary and Christopher Newport, using “Refugee Simulations” to increase awareness of refugee needs, supporting the Lackey Clinic and local food pantries and soup kitchens, providing scholarships to Camp Little Crossroads, and assisting in ESOL programs.

Our BGAV contribution supports:

  • Eagle Eyrie in its providing adult, youth, and children camps and retreats throughout the year, many of which have been participated in by our own families.
  • More Than Nets, a partnership with Ghana Baptists that has provided 100,000 mosquito nets to Northern Ghana, reduced malaria by 43%, and launched 500 churches.
  • Disaster relief efforts that since 2018 has responded to three hurricanes, one tornado, one flood, and the Virginia Beach mass shooting incident, providing over 38,000 volunteer hours and serving over 46,000 meals.
  • Ministry to college students through BCM and a ministry that BGAV calls Kairos.
  • Services to both Virginia children and elderly through Hope Family Services, the “updated” version of the Baptist Children’s Home, and LifeSpire, that focusses on care for the elderly.
  • Numerous state-wide conferences and seminars to help churches and their members in the areas of handbells, renewal, finance, minister and lay leader development, and church planting.
  • Camp Piankatank, a youth and children’s camp on the Piankatank River near Hartfield VA.
  • Efforts to assist development of African-American, Asian-American, and Latino American churches.
  • A hunger ministry that over last year has distributed hunger-related funds to 25 congregations, five associations, another state convention, ten Virginia and seven international hunger organization partners.
  • Both directly and in conjunction with WMU Virginia, refugee assistance programs in Virginia, Austria, Croatia, and Lebanon.
  • Creative church planting and new approaches to evangelism efforts through partnership with and use of new approaches from such organizations/programs as V3 and Fresh Expressions.
  • Christian education at prep schools such as Fork Union, Hargrave, and Oak Hill; colleges such as Bluefield and Averett; and seminaries such as Duke, Campbell, McAfee, John Leland, and Northern.
  • The monitoring, and weighing in when necessary, of larger-sphere issues that affect Virginia Baptists, through the BGAV Executive Board and Religious Liberty Committee.

For more detailed information on both organizations, peruse the BGAV 2019 Book of Reports and the PBA Director of Missions’ Annual Report at the Stewardship and Finance section of the Ministry Wall.

NEED A GOOD DECEMBER OF GIVING. Giving since August has been well below where it was earlier in the year and where it needs to be to adequately support the recently-approved 2020 Ministry Budgets. We are hopeful giving increases in December and into 2020 so that the spending we approved will have the receipts needed to support it.

END OF YEAR GUIDANCE. To insure your gifts and expenses are recorded in 2019, offerings and expense vouchers must be turned in no later than Sunday, December 29 or postmarked no later that December 31, 2019.