Stewardship and Finance

In that Stewardship and Finance trends are in a relatively good place at the moment …. general offering giving about matching last year’s pace …. expenses under control …. and therefore a good-sized surplus. I’m using this article to thank the many people who work to keep this area of our ministry on track.

Tellers. Each Sunday, two members of the Tellers Committee count offerings that come in on Sunday and during the previous week. Members of this committee include: Dave Colley, Jewel Reid, Marie Parks, Susan Langston, Peggy Swisher, Joanne Jenner, Sue Yeatts, Jeff Pitts, Lisa Zelinsky, Bob Szczypinski, Dale Johnson, Lee Nelson, Susan Gaske, Patti Sharp, Debbie Hite, and Sandi Covington.

Stewardship and Finance Committee. On a regular basis, the members of this committee meet to review our church’s financial status, discuss various stewardship and finance issues, and in general try to keep our finances on a sound footing. Members include: Lee Nelson, Dan Gaske, Chuck Nimmo, Linda West, Susan Langston, Dale Johnson, Tom Powers, Carol Mitchell, Tom Moncure, Margaret Honeycutt, Treasurer Kelly Musselman, and Staff Liaison John Thompson.

Office Manager, Donna Land, Treasurer, Kelly Musselman and Assistant Treasurer Eunice Ligon. Each week Donna and Kelly, and Eunice, in Kelly’s absence, work together to get teller’s report and expense vouchers ready to go to our external accounting firm, Watson Mowry, and then sign the checks that have been generated for distribution to the recipients.

Financial Secretary, Dale Schoenberger. Also each week, Dale collects the envelopes and other documentation on who has given how much and records this information in the church’s contributions database for use by givers for their income tax and other purposes. On occasion, Dale also uses this database to help assess overall giving trends.

Ushers. In what is probably the most visible part of the stewardship and finance process, the Ushers collect the Sunday offerings and have them ready for the Tellers at end of service. Ushers include: Carol Mitchell, Eric Shave, Chuck Nimmo, Tom Bray, Wayne Sauer, Lee Nelson, Drew Francis, Van Mozingo, Dale Schoenberger, Frank Holmes, Noel Veden, Gerry Schrader, Joey Musselman, Ken Reining, Dave Kirby, Susan Spratt, Charlie Spratt, Jim Liddell, Wayne Irvine, Dave Colley, Deven Joss, Steve Isler, Phil Klein, Ed Briggs, Jeff Cumbie, Sue Yeatts, John Wailes, Clyde Groover.