Women On Mission

Our WOM challenge this year is for Christ followers to:

  • Follow His example
  • Step into the world around us
  • Cultivate relationships
  • Create opportunities to demonstrate the love of Christ by all means possible

As Christmas approaches, our Women on Mission get busy helping decorate our church by putting up the Chrismon tree with our amazing handmade ornaments. These ornaments help Christians to remember that Christmas is the celebration of Jesus’s birthday. The word Chrismon is a combination of Christ and monogram (meaning symbol). All of the ornaments are Christian symbols.

We will also set up our Lottie Moon Post Office. Instead of sending your cards to your church family through USPS bring them here and help keep our international missionaries in the field. The postage is the same as last year, thirty-five cents per card. We support international, state and national missionaries through your giving and prayer.

In January, we focus on the Biblical basis of living on mission.
1. What are we commanded to do? Matthew 28:18-20,
2. What is our responsibility? 1John 3:16 & Matthew 23:11-12,
3. What does living a mission lifestyle mean? Romans 12:1-2, Colossians 2:6-8 and Philippians 2:12-13,
4. Are there resources for obeying God’s command to missions? Psalm 25:4-5, James 1:5

Use these questions and answers from the Bible to figure out how you can be effective in reaching others with the gospel. Your Women on Mission would like to thank the church family for their support of the Alma Hunt State Mission Special Offering.

December Calendar:
All month – Lottie Moon International Missions Emphasis. The goal is set at $2,500.
11 Helping Hands Christmas covered Dish, 6:30pm, at Pat Wright’s home – if you need a ride, please call Leslie, 757-253-8713, for arrangements to pick you up.
Mission Vision luncheon at Miriam Mozingo’s home, 11am
Annette Hall Christmas lunch at Eunice Ligon’s home, 11am
16 Acteens Christmas party at Pat’s
Jane’s GAs and RAs Christmas party at Leslie’s
Both groups will leave the church directly after service.

DECEMBER Focus – Peninsula Rescue Mission Children’s Christmas Party
▪ toys and children’s clothing for all ages
▪ If anyone has a gently used tricycle or bicycle, call Leslie to make arrangements for pick-up. (Leslie, 757-253-8713)

THE DEADLINE DELIVERY DATE IS DECEMBER 16th! JANUARY Focus – support of Lackey Free Clinic.

ITEMS REQUESTED Office & Kitchen supplies:
▪ copy paper ▪ stamps ▪ pens
▪ yellow post its ▪ tape
▪ Ziploc bags (quart, gallon, sandwich)
▪ plastic utensils ▪ napkins
▪ paper and Styrofoam cups and plates (dessert and dinner)
▪ Styrofoam bowls (soup and salad)
▪ coffee, creamer, sugar/Wegener packets
Thank you for your continued support. God bless.

January Calendar
7 Removal of Chrismon tree at 10am – all ladies are welcome We might do lunch afterwards.
8 Annette Hall work at FISH from 9:30am-Noon and 1-3pm
15 Mission Vision work at FISH from 9:30am-Noon and 1-3pm
22 Helping Hands work at FISH from 9:30am-Noon and 1-3pm
22 Red Cross Blood Drive in church Hospitality Center 2-7pm
27 Acteens, Jane’s GAs and the RAs meeting after worship
29 Annette Hall work at FISH from 9:30am-Noon and 1-3pm

In December, Jane’s GAs and the RAs will continue their study about Refugees and Unshakable Obedience in Greece. The girls are ready for their 2019 mission projects. They will be helping the Acteens collect clothes for children and men and starting in March raising fund for Annie Armstrong Missions.

The Acteens will also continue studying about refugees. They will also begin the mission projects for the new year.

Please continue to support and pray for our children as they become more involved in missions. We are still in need of a GA Leader. If God is leading you toward this amazing opportunity, come and talk to Leslie Baker.

In Christ, Leslie Baker and your WOM Leadership Team