The Youth and Children have begun the year with a heart of service, and it’s only going to get bigger and better. We are so excited! Check this out, because we’d like you to join us to make this a rewarding and unforgettable experience for our Walnut Hills family.

Where do you see love? That is a question I have asked the Youth when we’ve been on our annual mission trip to Philly Fuge. They have seen it in the faces of children, the homeless, people with disabilities, other Youth from around the United States, and in their friends who come together for a common cause: to help each other become reflections of God’s love. It’s an amazing thing to witness through eyes filled with laughter, tears, and just simple thoughtfulness! We’re building up our foundation of love with our families and friends so we can go forward and really share this with our community. We were so fortunate to serve dinner to the homeless when they stayed at Walnut Hills the week of January 20-27. The youth were fun and engaging with our guests and did everything to make them feel loved and cared for, true champions of Christ!

As we begin the serious preparation for hosting Mission Madness on March 22-24, our Youth are going to lead the way! My challenge to all of us adults is to try to keep up! Keep reading so I can share just how you can do that. It will be life-changing.

Every week at TeamKID, our children learn about missionaries who share God’s love with people all around the world. Add awesome Bible study and learning about God’s mission for us to that and these kids are ready to make a HUGE impact for God. Over the years, many of the children have been so inspired by these accounts that they have said THEY want to be missionaries when they grow up. Wouldn’t that make the world a better place? In January, they got that chance! They made snack bags for our homeless guests with tags that said, “Just because you matter.” They brought these to where our guests were staying and were able to see how the Walnut Hills family was taking care of people in our own community to help them feel loved and have a warm place to stay this Winter. As we said a prayer for them, you could see the innocent love of these children filling the room! We hope our guests felt it.

And now our TeamKIDs and their families are gearing up to be part of our Mission Madness team to spread love and kindness throughout Williamsburg, hopefully all the time, but especially the weekend of March 22-24.

Over 200 youth and adults from around Virginia will soon descend upon our church for a weekend of service. As their host, we have a team already finding sites where they can help those in need (i.e, FISH, the Red Cross, House of Mercy, Community Faith in Action, and also in our WHBC family, to name a few). As the host church, we will be preparing meals for them, leading in worship, and sending the teams with bag lunches and lots of moral support as they spread out over our very own community.

HOW CAN YOU HELP? If you know of anyone or any organization who may need help keeping up their home/yard, sites where they can help those in need, or would like help serving people with needs, please let us know so we can contact them. We will also need people to help with meal prep, to make and bag lunches (we’ll be reaching out to our TeamKID families to help with this so the children can share this event with us), and to send the Youth groups off in style with cheers of encouragement as they leave our parking lot. We will also welcome them back after a busy day, and we will need help with clean-up after-wards. No amount of your time is too small. As a matter of fact, we feel that any time you can share with our Mission is a gift to our Church, our community, and to God! So please pray for our Mission Madness weekend and consider being part of what promises to be life-changing!

Reverend Graham Cheek

Reverend Graham Cheek

Minister of Youth & Children